Preparing for our son

During the month we were waiting to bring home our son, we decided to keep ourselves occupied with homestead projects.

Here’s the list…

  1. Create a secondary water system for the orchard
    1. Dig trench 2′ deep x 25′ long,
    2. build box, and
    3. install electrical wiring for the secondary cistern pump
  2. Restore Krista’s grandparents’ Adirondack chairs and rocker of 80+ years of age.
  3. Replace the home’s primary cistern booster pump
  4. Increase house water pressure to 30-50 psi
  5. Install an operating float valve to fill our cistern using the well automatically
  6. Plant the garden
  7. Set up hoses, sprinklers, and timers for both the garden and orchard
  8. Finish all the window sills in the house
  9. Replace the power steering pump in the truck
  10. Rebuild the truck’s carburetor
  11. Replace the spark plugs, spark plug wires, distributor cap, and rotor on the truck
  12. Make ice cream
  13. Make banana pancakes and extra coconut syrup
  14. Collect firewood
  15. Pull weeds
  16. Mow everything I could with a new push lawn mower
  17. Apply to renew my teaching license
  18. Send in required civil servant form for jury duty in August
  19. Make Sushi and a lot of it
  20. Repair the garden gates
  21. Build  a shelf for our son’s room as well as a sign and coat rack
  22. Create a welcome home video for our new son
Three is a magic number... After 21 years our family has begun.

Three is a magic number… After 21 years our family has begun.

Now after completing this list, we decided it would be great to take some time to rest and relax with our new son. So, we rented a house and took the week off to make the transition for our son be as smooth as possible. Our son is amazing. His foster family is amazing. His social worker and CASA worker are amazing, and we haven’t been this happy in a very long time.



2 thoughts on “Preparing for our son

  1. Can’t wait to see more picture’s and hear all about your family adventure.. We are so very Happy for you-all. Life IS Good!
    Aunt Patty-Dawn and Bruce

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