Chicken Pesto Pizza has become a Webber Family Friday Night Favorite

Chicken Pesto Pizza is a Webber Friday Night Favorite.

Chicken Pesto Pizza is a Webber Family Friday Night Favorite.

There is nothing like home made pizza.  A couple years ago I was watching a video from Homestead Blessings. ( By the way, The Homestead Blessing Videos are a wealth of good traditional information)  This video was about making bread and one recipe presented was a pizza bread recipe.  I thought to myself, I am going to use this pizza dough recipe and it only required the dough to rise for 5 minutes before using it.  I was very anxious and excited to try this recipe because I never really liked my current pizza dough recipe and therefore was not very proud of or liked making my chicken pesto pizza.  Once I tried this recipe, my pizza was stepped up a few notches and now I enjoy to cook and serve my Chicken Pesto Pizza.  My husband loves to save his crust and add honey on it as a nice treat after eating his pizza.  This pizza dough recipe is at the bottom of the post. I just love the ease and consistent results of this recipe.

I also have learned to make pesto.  I am totally enamored by basil.  I love to grow it, smell it, and cook with it.  Basil is my favorite herb.  For pizza making, I make a batch of pesto and divide it up in about  2+Tbsp amounts.  I put each amount in a small freezer zip lock bag, then collect the small bags and put them in one big freezer zip lock bag and place it in the freezer  My recipe makes between 6-8 Tbsp or 3-4 servings.  My pesto is ready in pizza serving amounts.  My Pesto Recipe is also posted at the end of this post.

To make my Chicken Pesto Pizza, I first pull out one serving of my pesto out of the freezer to unthaw.  I grate my mozzarella cheese next and then slice all my toppings;  olives, mushrooms, green onions, chicken, and artichoke hearts.  I then make my pizza dough.  The recipe calls to let the dough sit for 5 minutes.  While the dough is sitting, I begin heating up my pizza stone, which has to be the best gift I ever picked at our family Christmas gift exchange.  Then I roll out my pizza dough, pull the stone out of the oven, spread corn meal on the stone, or flour in a pinch and place dough on stone.  I then make my crust.  Next I spread the Pesto on the dough and sprinkle the cheese all over.  Then I spread the cooked chicken, mushrooms and olives.  If I remember I will cook my green onions with my chicken to have soft onions.  If I do not remember I add them as my last topping.  I like to add on top of the pizza, grated parmesan cheese and dried garlic.  Finally, place pizza in oven at 350 degrees for 10-12 minutes or until cheese is melted.  Slice your cooked pizza and serve.

There is nothing better than having Root Beer with Pizza.

There is nothing better than having Root Beer with Pizza.

A couple extra tid bits:
1.  I use 1 chicken breast cut into small pieces and cook it in my small cast iron skillet and add seasonings such as salt, pepper, dried chopped garlic, basil, and oregano.

2.  My husband and I love to eat our chicken Pesto Pizza with Virgil’s Root Beer.  This is the best root beer I have had.  It is a little pricey, but we wait until our local grocery store has it on sale and then my husband goes and buys them out.  This way our root beer supply lasts until the next sale.

We enjoy home made pizza just about every Friday night.  May you enjoy it too.

Pizza Dough RecipejpgPesto Recipe

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