Despite life’s adversity; it has truly been a wonderful life.

In the beginning... We started out young and full of aspiration and continue to be so to this day.

In the beginning… We started out young and full of aspiration and continue to be so to this day.

Happy 21st Anniversary to us!

What a joy these past 21 years have been! We have stayed the course through the storms and doldrums of life. We enter in this marriage loaded with student loan debt and through the past 15 years have paid back what we owed and then some. We live a debt free life now with no mortgage, electric, water, or sewage bills. We have only death and taxes left to pay now. During the past twenty-one years we have seen the majority of the United States, visited such foreign and exotic places as Israel and Canada. We built our own off grid home with family and friends and though such adversity our marriage has not only survived but blossomed. Now something more incredible than the above list is about to happen. Today is our final anniversary alone, just the two of us.

Time is irrelevant when you are with the one's you love.

Time is irrelevant when you are with the one you love.

Next week, we will no longer be two, but three. On Tuesday, July 14th we will finally meet and bring home our son to his forever home. The paper work has been successfully finalized due to the tenacity and vigilance of our son’s social worker. We are overjoyed to expand our family and to begin a new adventure with the three of us. We get to explore the world all over again with a new pair of eyes, and to pass on our knowledge and unconditional love we share to our progeny. And through it all, we owe everything to our faith in God and our hope in His son Jesus. Despite constant adversity, there is constant joy that threads through each of life’s events.

What a wonderful life this has been, and I couldn’t imagine it without my wife, my joy, my friend.

3 thoughts on “Despite life’s adversity; it has truly been a wonderful life.

  1. Although I haven’t been with you for MANY Year’s, and have not had the pleasure of meeting your beautiful wife, I want you to know how proud I am of the life you have made for yourselves, and how Happy I am that your commitment to adopt a child have finally come to an end. You are both an inspiration to me. To start out with debt, and build a debt-free life in just 20 year’s is amazing. I haven’t been able to do that in the 47 year’s that I have been married. 🙂
    I know that God will continue to bless you as you move into the next chapter of your lives. I know the next few day’s will be “The longest 4 day’s of your lives”, with the anticipation of meeting and taking your child home with you, but we’ll also be waiting to meet your son.. and can’t wait to hear and follow the next 20 year’s of your lives.
    All my love to the three of you. You will be amazing parent’s and give this child a life he couldn’t even imagine.
    Thank you for including us in your life.
    Aunt Dawn (Pat) and Bruce. ❤

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