Living a Sustainable Dream is Expecting!

Living a sustainable dream is finally starting the next stage in life and that is starting a family.  We have been trying to have children without success for the past ten years and decided it was time to look at other options.

Being a teacher in the school system, I see many children who had their childhood stolen through abuse and neglect.  To be honest, I’ve had to work through some anger issues with people who can readily have children without effort and then treat their own flesh and blood as a burden similar to taking out the garbage.  Krista being a social worker, a lifetime ago for the state of Idaho, was fully aware of children who age out of the foster care system because of a variety of reasons, never to know what it is like to have a family that loves and cares for them.  There are many children out there that need a home because the state has terminated the parental rights due to serious abuse or neglect issues, yet without loving homes to adopt them; they age out of the foster system without any place to call home for holidays or when in a time of transition.

Amidst the storms of life, God's promises and assurances appear; it just takes me a moment, that feels like eternity, to stop and recognize it.

Amidst the storms of life, God’s promises and assurances appear; it just takes me a moment, which feels like eternity, to stop and recognize it.

Through much prayer and many conversations about the adoption option, we chose to pursue an adoption within the state system.  With all this talk about the state system not supporting families who live off grid and/or choose to home school their children, I am just not seeing that from our perspective.  However, my wife and I have a home with insulated walls, a lifetime metal roof over our heads, running water, plumbing, fixtures, and a flush toilet, heat in the winter, electricity always at our disposal either from the solar panels or a backup generator, cell phones, and even Internet.  We didn’t always have these luxuries, but we worked to achieve them for the past four years.  Amazingly, living on the property made certain things like running water and electricity appear very quickly because we worked on the house after my job each day.  It was tough times, but we now have a home capable of supporting a family without scarcity.   We may not always buy the brand name items, but we put much of our economic resources into buying what we need, planning fun trips, eating healthy, buying organic, gardening, and raising our own food.

We also asked the state that should the need arise if we needed to home school our child would they be supportive, and they said if we could demonstrate the benefit over public education they would.  The state is very aware of our Christian beliefs and background and support our desire to take our family to church with us.  The state has some very reasonable requirements, some a little excessive, but all are very manageable if one takes the time to research it and put their child’s needs first in their lives.

We are very excited about this next chapter in our lives.  We have just been informed recently that we have been chosen to adopt a child from the foster care system. We love our child even though we have never met him.  We are excited to share our life with him and to give him unlimited possibilities for his future.  This June we will meet him for the first time, and he will begin to transition to his forever home with us. My wife and I are very excited to begin this new chapter and being that we have waited so long; we will appreciate every moment we have with him.

If you are interested or have a desire and heart to adopt an at risk child, who needs a forever home and stability in his or her life, please check out these websites and Adopt US Kids


2 thoughts on “Living a Sustainable Dream is Expecting!

  1. Mark and Krista, I’m so excited for you, but even MORE … excited for this young man. He has NO idea what a wonderful life you will give him. The Love you have to give, and the amazing life your living, will be just what God wants for this child. I can’t wait to see him with you, and watch him grow. I hope to meet Krista, and your son some day. It won’t be long now… It’s almost June. 🙂 Sending Love and waiting anxiously along with you.

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  2. Congratulations!!! Being a foster / adoptive / bio mom, I have walked the path that you are contemplating. While there will be many roller coaster ups and downs, the journey to heal a child and forge a new family is one of the most rewarding things to do with your life!

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