I Love My Kitchen Sink

When we designed our kitchen, I was on the hunt for an old farmhouse late 1940’s kitchen drain board sink.  I love old vintage items from the past and had seen several of these sinks in homes when my husband, Mark, and I were living in Mitchell, Oregon.  I had seen one that had a double sink and double drain boards and this is the one I had my heart set on.

Painted Hills, Oregon

Painted Hills, Oregon

A cool side note:  Mitchell is a town of about 175 people and Mark was teaching at the small 64 student K-12 school in town.  Mitchell is in central Oregon and is about 45 minutes from the nearest town.  If you are ever on Hwy. 26 in Oregon heading from Prineville to John Day you will see this little town right after the turn off to the Painted Hills.  The Painted Hills are a little unknown spectacular site to see.  If you are ever in this area, you will not regret taking a few extra minutes to drive and see the Painted Hills. So, as we were designing our kitchen, the hunt was on to find one of these sinks.  I thought that the double sink and double drain board would be great because being off grid we were not going to have a dishwasher.  I was going to have my drying rack out permanently and the water would always drain into the sink with ease and if I ever had allot of dished to do I could always use both drain boards. I started looking on Craig’s list, at local Re-Stores, and local salvage stores. On one particular outing in search of other house fixtures we went to a store in Spokane, Washington named Brown Building Material.  This store is a “junkers” paradise, my paradise.  I loved looking at all the old, used items they had collected.  As we were going through yet another building, I spotted my sink.  It was perfect.  A few scratches, but hey that shows character, right? My husband and I asked if they would buy another sink we had brought with us they agreed and so we left with the old farmhouse drain board sink with double drain boards and double sinks.  I was stoked!

Our 1940's Farmhouse Double Drain Board Double Sink

Our 1940’s Farmhouse Sink with Double Drain Boards and Double Sinks

I had some old kitchen cabinets that were left in an old cabin on our property and so I went to work remaking these and making sure that the opening on top would fit my new sink.  Mark helped to place the sink on the renovated or re-purposed cabinets and we screwed the sink down, although this sink is so heavy I do not think that it will ever move. I have enjoyed using my sink in our kitchen for three years and love it more each time I use it. It is old, sturdy, and so functional.

4 thoughts on “I Love My Kitchen Sink

  1. Oh, I wanted a sink kind of like that too, last time I was looking around at sinks! (A little prematurely, since we don’t even have a house yet. Haha. I’m good at that.)
    Another concept I have been considering to conserve water and space recently though is a drying rack that lets the drips water a few plants, perhaps a little kitchen herb collection. I saw one that was oriented in a corner with a wooden drying rack and set into a corner window, and I was in love (a south and east facing window in the kitchen, with plants, and function, all in one!). Haha.
    Though I might just shoot for cupboards with drying racks for shelves and channel the water to a vertical herb garden/wall on the side of the cupboard, as that would be ultra functional and keep the drying dishes off of my counters. Haha. Any assistance keeping organized is totally okay in my home!
    I still want the east and south facing window though. Haha.


  2. Now “That’s a sink!” It’s perfect for not having a dish washer.. Look’s awesome.. Don’t you just love it when a “Plan comes together”?? Love your post’s… ❤


  3. I love that sink too!
    Just bought one for our off grid cabin. Looking forward to using it! Same reasons you listed motivated me to give it a try, even though it’s ONE BIG SINK and takes up a lot of counter space! We are making wood slab countertops, and I was really nervous about water + wood. This makes me feel a lot better about a wood countertop!

    Thanks for sharing!
    Just found your blog! Will poke around a bit, since we are doing similar things on our property!




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