The Back Story…

A slight winter dusting before spring.

A slight winter dusting before spring, 2015.

During the summer of 1994, my wife and I decided to join in holy matrimony.  Our marriage brought two college students together that desired to live a life that was debt free and sustainable.  However, we were debt-ridden at the time with college student loans.  We decided to snowball our debt and within fifteen years of frugal living, we were debt free except for a home mortgage.  As a teacher who never made above thirty-five thousand dollars in his life, this was a huge accomplishment.

Our last obstacle was the sale of our home on the Oregon Coast.  We took the profit we made and bought a small ten acre parcel in Idaho.  We established our off the grid home within a year of purchasing the property and through stages we added key systems to help us live more efficiently and sustainably.

This blog is a record of our journey through our marriage, sustainable lifestyle, and our future adoption.  We hope you enjoy what you find here as we explain several key systems we added to our home over the years, but also our philosophy, and faith that brought us here.

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